Privacy policy deals with sensitive customer information. We ensure that your personal information is handled with care. ensures that your personal information is kept safe and secure.

 Here at we ensure your personal details are handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Gocustomized Ltd is therefore legally responsible for the processing of your personal information. In our privacy policy we explain what data we keep and for what purpose it is kept. We advise you to read through our privacy policy carefully so there can be no future misunderstanding.

This privacy policy has been updated on 29-01-2015.

The use of personal information data

By using our services, you allow us to store certain data. Some of this data can be considered private information. We only use the information which has been given by you or has been given with clear intent of us during out service. Our service can also by companies in a business to business setting. Business information does not fall under the Personal Data Protection Act. The privacy policy is therefore exclusively for individuals who use this site as a private customer or a company employee.


We use the following information to complete an order transaction:


-  NAW details


-  Billing address


-  Email address


-  Payment information


Contact forum and newsletter


We offer a newsletter subscription for customers who are interested in the latest information about our products and services. If you have subscribed to this newsletter, your email address will be automatically added to our list

If you have filled out a contact form on our website, or you have emailed us by any other means, your information will be sent to us and we will save your personal information until the subject at hand has been dealt with till completion.


We will store the following information:


-  Email address


We may contact you with commercially related information via the following channels only:


-  Email



To use certain services on our website, registration is required. After registration, we save the chosen username and personal information given during registration. We save this information so that you do not have to repeat the process of filling in your personal information during your next purchase. In addition we will use this personal information given to contact you about your purchase agreement, billing information and payment. You will also receive the opportunity to review your purchase history and services you have used from

We will not distribute your personal information given to us to any third part, unless this is required based on the purchase agreement that has been lawfully established. In case of suspected fraud of miss use / miss conduct of our website and services, your information will be passed on the appropriate authorities.


For you to register on our website, we will require the following information:


-  Your NAW details


-  Your Email address


-  Your payment information




Distribution to a third party

Your personal information will not be distributed to a third party unless explicitly needed to fulfill the purchase agreement made between GoCustomized Ltd. and the client or is required by law.

On our website, social media buttons have been integrated. If you make use of any of these functions, the service providers of these functions will store your personal information.


Cookies & Marketing

During your visit to and affiliated advertising sites, anonymous cookies and similar technology can be placed on your computer. The goal of this practice is to better categorize your interests so that personalised advertisements can be displayed to you accordingly. If you wish not to partake in this practice your can click on this link. Using this link you can unsubscribe yourself from the majority of companies who partake in this form of advertising. This will not however result in you being excluded from seeing advertisements all together. These will however not be displayed based on information obtained from your online activities.



We take every precaution to reduce the possibility of misuse of your personal information or access to this data by outside entities. We collect statistical information from our website to gain access to individual information. This is only done to fulfill the above mentioned goals.


Third party websites

This privacy policy statement is not applicable to third party websites who are connected to this website by use of links. We cannot guarantee that these third party websites handle your personal information with the same level of security and care as We advise you to read the privacy policy of these website before making use of the products and services.


Alterations to the privacy policy

Gocustomized Ltd. maintains the right to alter this privacy policy. It is advised to read this privacy policy before any purchase is made and when any alterations have been made.


Changes to your personal information

For questions about our privacy policy or related subjects and changes to your personal information, please contact us at



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